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Recommended Reading

My picks for the top four books dealing with conservation and the environment, in no particular order, are:

  • Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson
  • A Sand County Almanac, by Aldo Leopold
  • The Environmental Pendulum:  A Quest for the Truth about Toxic Chemicals, Human Health, and Environmental Protection, by R. Allan Freeze
  • Living Waters:  How to Save Your Local Stream, by Owen D. Owens
The first two are classics that have been around for 50 or more years.

The Environmental Pendulum was published in 2000.  Its author is a very highly respected groundwater scientist, so the book lays out issues about pollution with a strong scientific foundation but in terms that laypeople will probably not find too daunting.  It offers great discussions about the opportunity costs of preventing and cleaning up pollution.  I think it's a must-read for any politicians trying to write environmental laws.

Living Waters, published in 1993, tells of the formation of a Trout Unlimited chapter in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and does a great job illustrating the steps that ordinary citizens can take to make an impact on saving and conserving their local stream.  My Trout Unlimited chapter hosted Owen Owens as a guest speaker in October 2012.  Although he was "up there" in years, he was a very powerful and passionate speaker - a very articulate champion for the power of grassroots efforts to save a watershed. I was honored to have him autograph my copy of Living Waters.

Here are a couple of web sites that I try to follow:

  • Home page of Little Lehigh Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Updates on fishing and conservation topics primarily of interest to the Lehigh Valley, PA. I'm currently the admin of the site.
  • Blog page for Trout Unlimited, the national organization. Since they reorganized their website a while back, it's no longer possible to subscribe to their blog/news feed. So you have to manually check for updates of interest. But it's worth checking weekly.
  • Home page of Amleto Pucci, PhD, PE. A former colleague of mine. Source of professional consultation for environmental stewardship and 501 (c) 3 organizations.

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